This week’s faux pas and friends to the rescue!

Posted by in Blog on Aug 5, 2014

With X amount of meals under my belt and Our Humble Beginnings (OHB) coming up on it’s 6th month anniversary, I think most will agree that having my first real faux pas this past week is not such bad odds.

I decided to write about my faux pas because it brought up how somewhere in my upbringing my Mom knew how to teach me to take responsibility and not to be afraid to admit to my failings and imperfections. It’s remarkable how much freedom there is in this. Although, she started with a child who was prone to lying and exaggerating (I still enjoy a little exaggeration — it’s a creative license of sort when telling a story — not to worry, I clean it up at the end!).  As a fairly self-analytical creature, I then took this teaching and brought my personal spin on it to ask myself the question, “how and/or why” — how or why did this faux pas occur?  Not always getting an answer but at least stepping into the inquiry.

My business experience has certainly contributed to a solid degree of organization skill which serves OHB greatly.  Notably, comprehensive (no waste) shopping list; cooking process sin of stress and rushing about; tracking method of ingredients and quantities;  and, of course, the notation of # of meals ordered.

In a dish where I’m cooking pieces of chicken, the shopping is fairly easy as I order certain pieces (leg/thigh/breast) per person; unlike a dish that might have bite-size pieces, then it’s by the pound.  So, reviewing my calendar last week for a particular chicken entree,  I had (7) orders; hence, 7 /thighs and 7/full legs.  Voila! Easy. Done.

imgresLet me side track a moment — I wake up “different” on my cooking days.. there’s a spring in my step.  There’s also a bit of a ceremony which includes confirming my surroundings are clean and organized; lighting of incense to honor my ancestors; adorning myself with my Mom’s earrings (hoping she’s not distracted wherever she is and is guiding me); and, lastly, dressing in my OHB chef jacket!  Certainly, I review my process/steps for the day and even make a short cheat-sheet of these general “steps” for a quick view throughout the day; insuring that I remain on track.

Okay, back to the faux pas – – Moving along quite well in my day as I cooked, cleaned, sang & danced (obsessed with Steely Dan after seeing them in concert last week) and reaching that point of being ready to notify my clients to the pick up time of their meal, something nagged me out of the blue (where do these nagging thoughts reside  in my mind and why arrive at 3pm?  why not 11am?) which prompted me to review my OHB email inbox.

There it was!  The nag became a reality.  Clear as day, I had 9 meal orders not 7!! and it was too late to whip up 2 more servings.

Hmmm!  As I mentioned earlier, this was not a meal where there was any wiggle room.  7 thighs + 7 full legs can not stretch to 9 & 9.  Plus, I wouldn’t do that anyway.

imagesReviewing my list of 9 clients who signed up, TWO were my closest friends! Gosh, I hated to pull rank on them but called my friends and asked to drop them from their meal order.  I wasn’t happy about this but I knew they would rescue me which, of course, they did!  Charmingly in fact.

So, although my faux pas came to a fairly easy resolution;  I was troubled and asked the question “how” did this happen?  Since, should there be a next time, I may not have close friends to bail me out! and so wanted to insure myself that this type of error would not happen again.

The inquiry brought up a particular distraction I’ve had lately (MATCH DOT CON)  which has disrupted my focus and mindfulness… it’s arrival in my life created a bit of an imbalance; particularly, on-line…  surfing back and forth from one email inbox to another to other websites, etc.

This faux pas brought this imbalance to my attention. I wanted to return to a more balanced approach to both the “distraction” and how it could fit into my life without throwing me out of sync.

For me, this is why the inquiry is important.

So, after some fruitful conversation with friends, contemplative time to release the anxiety around this fairly unnatural approach to “finding love”, I believe I have returned gracefully and regained my grounded position.

Huge sigh of relief!

P.S. — some past faux pas that I can still remember!

* punching in $900 instead of $.90 for a postage stamp!
* organizing a Harvard student dinner for a team of executives flying into Boston from  Dallas (during my recruiting days) who arrived at restaurant and none of the students showed up!  Big Ooopsy!
* I’m sure many, many more!

Admitting the error cuts to the chase and minimizes the cortisol surging through your body and the inquiry provides the tools so the mistake doesn’t happen again.  It’s a winning combination!  Good luck!




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