Manifestation to Gestation

Posted by in Blog on Sep 21, 2014

IMG_1348Almost 9 months to the day, I created a “manifestation wheel” on a special weekend I gave myself down in TRC in May, 2013.  I made 3 wheels that weekend.  One of which is shown here about my ideas, desires around Humble Beginnings.  On May 13, 2013, I completed the wheel and each spoke identified my wishes  — On February 18, 2014, Our Humble Beginnings was born.  Kinda cool ha?  9 months and 5 days later.

Not being someone who gets hung up on the details, I think it is kinda miraculous what has transpired.  Now, mind you, once I made that wheel I really never thought about Humble Beginnings again.  The idea always felt too big.  Well, the “universal energy” took care of that and gave me a much easier first step.

I’m going to risk my vulnerability and list here the concept that arrived at each spoke (there were 15 spokes in all) — here goes!

– viable (check)
– global travel
– fun (check)
– financially sound (check)
– personal control (check)
– educational (check)
– ease (check)
– friendships (check)
– supported (check)
– cook book
– syndication
– successful (check)
– socially responsible (check)
– expansive (check)
– impactful (check)

I’d say checking off 12 of the 15 is pretty dam good!  I trust that if the other desires are to my and Our Humble Beginnings highest good, they will arrive in their proper time and proper way.

Okay, I know you’re wanting to guess what the other two wheels were?  Well,  one is for THE GUY!!!  who is making his way to me as I write!   Obviously, since he hasn’t show up YET, that manifestation must need more than 9 months!  Maybe it’s because there are 26 spokes!   Wonder if you can guess what some of those spokes represent?

I won’t get into it here but as I review these 26 spokes (on my GUY wheel),  I wonder which “qualities” I would be okay dropping from this list.  If nothing else, these wheels are fun to create.  I gave each of them their own creative style.  I enjoyed playing with colored markers and digging into my imagination of how many spokes spoke my truth and placed no rules on the exercise.

Go for it, how many wheels would you make and how many spokes on each wheel?

Later, gators…


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