Known to Unknown to Known

Posted by in Blog on Sep 8, 2014

flight wingThe flight home always seems longer.. I guess it lacks the anticipation for the upcoming holiday and the welcomed change! Yet, often there is much excitement about the return home and so who knows?..bottom line, it felt like it took forever to return to ALB from Boston.

I landed at Sunport in the spirit of Gratification and High Hopes. Gratification for a fulfilling, loving, connected trip back East to old stomping grounds, close friends and deep family ties.  What more can a girl ask for?  The High Hopes was for a match-do-con coffee meet-up which was the first time I was actually excited about meeting a new fella.

What pictures, profiles, emails and even telephone calls simply do not reflect?… a person’s energy.   This chap was heavy of mind and spirit. Vitality is intrinsic and comes through even with nerves. So, the high hopes of this meet-up had a Poseidon effect and sank quickly.

No worries, moved on….

Upon my arrival in Santa Fe, I moved into my new abode. Here’s where the skill of Acclimating, Adapting, and Adjusting (just realized, IMG_1332the THREE As”) come into play. Skills that I thought I had mastered.  The joke is that my middle initial of “A” is for Natalie Adapting Calia.  It seems to be a theme in my life (most of the time by choice). But even I, the well-practiced adapter, can get weak in the knees and somewhat falter at the threshold of change.

And falter I did!  All the while remembering/reflecting, that it will all be right in the end.. not to judge these first 24 hours..take it a day (or minute) at a time, move slowly and mindfully through the space.  “Start with one room and make it yours” (that quote’s from “Under the Tuscan Sun”; I’ll take good advice regardless of  where it comes from).

imgres♫ “Don’t cry for me Loma Entrada”♫  kept going through my mind.  That same day of flying across the country (with little sleep the night before), having a disappointing match-dot-con date, I choose to start my move of  STUFF from Loma Entrada to Agua Fria that night. Crazy.  Moving through Loma Entrada was tough as I adored living there and I had a secret belief that it would be mine, somehow, someway, someday. It was a place of deep healing for me and so, once again, I grieved the loss of place (certainly with no comparisons in mind).

STUFF, STUFF, and more STUFF… not one piece of furniture mind you!  Just stuff; mostly clothes and so had to own up to being a “clothes-horse”.  Result?  I ain’t buyin nothin for this upcoming year!  except if it moves Humble Beginnings forward.

Just a few days later….

Known to Unknown to Known

I love the arc of time and what it can provide.  All that seemed unknown is now quite known and all that was known has been replaced by new knowns.

Aaaaahhhhhh…..  I’m home again.





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  1. Sep 9, 2014

    Welcome Home

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