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Posted by on 6-06-14 in Blog | 0 comments

My first trip to Italy was in 1976 with my friend Noreen.  We were 22.  I had just gotten divorced (1st marriage was in 1975) and I was ready to travel (seems to be my post divorce therapy).  I also quit a job and sublet my apartment (another familiar theme).  We booked a roundtrip flight from Boston to Athens and a return from Austria to Boston about 2 months later.  This trip was a big deal.  The idea came from having just read James Michener’s, “The Drifter’s”. Following Arthur Fromer’s travel guide, “$5...

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It was a SNAFU kinda day!

Posted by on 5-05-14 in Blog | 2 comments

Well, Thursday (my cooking day) began with a snafu and a few more followed! I was serving eight customers “stuffed cabbage rolled in bacon” (a favorite!) and so had to double my recipe and boil two very large cabbage heads. When shopping for the cabbage, my mind visualized my deepest pot (not the one in the photo) and thought “for sure” the two heads would fit happily.  Not so! Okay, no problem, I’ll just get another pot for the 2nd cabbage..  Oopsy!  my kitchen did not have another pot deep enough (now, see the...

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Giraffe anyone? – now the full story (earlier version was not complete; so sorry!)

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Yes, I cooked and served giraffe meat.  It wasn’t a choice; I’m not bragging and I was not cavalier about the experience. I do not proclaim this with pride but rather matter-of-factly. Circumstances were out of my control except the part where I chose not to eat it. You see, from November ’91 – November ’92, I traveled on an overland excursion camping across Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.  I turned 37 at the onset of the trip and completed that year on the road.  The experience encapsulated every imaginable...

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“Sweetie, ravioli simply should never be brown!”

Posted by on 5-05-14 in Blog, Paleo | 2 comments

Those were my Mom’s words when I served  her and my Dad whole wheat ravioli back in the late 70s.Bob K and I (one of my loves) were living together in our North Quincy, MA apartment on a “health kick”and I decided to make dinner for my parents serving them whole wheat ravioli…  In a very loving way, my Mom said, the ravioli tasted good but she just couldn’t get past their brown color and the fact that they weighted about 1# each!  She was right of course. You see, I grew up with a Mom who rarely bought boxed...

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What’s my 20% look like?

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I can’t recall in what context I first heard/learned about the concept of living a 80/20 lifestyle  (I know it was while living in Los Angeles and so sometime around ’80-’83) where one “towed the line 80% of the time” and “allowed for flexibility” the other 20%.  It works well in my life and I apply it broadly…toward what I eat, workout, play, rest, socialize, etc.  It now provides a natural balance. Yesterday, I embarked on a very spontaneous overnight up to Durango, CO with my buddy Mark. Our...

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Cooking and Community, circa 1996

Posted by on 5-05-14 in Blog | 4 comments

I think it was around 1996 when one of my dearest friend’s (Suzanne Mankin) invited me to join her in Puerto Vallarta. I had just wrapped up a grueling recruitment season for Booz, Allen & Hamilton  and was in dire need of a serious break! Suzanne was teaching English as a Second Language down there and her contract provided her with housing. Extraordinary housing (on the ocean) by the way.  This particular work manifestation with Booz, Allen (as I had many over a 15 year career with them) was as a University Recruitment Coordinator...

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My Path to Paleo… (warning: photography for sympathetic eyes only!)

Posted by on 4-04-14 in Blog | 4 comments

In the beginning, I accepted bloat, irregularity, debilitating allergies,  unreliable energy, and weight fluctuation. Finding and following the Paleo path changed all that. This photo is from 2008, when I topped the scale at 160 (yes, hard for me to look at this photo; it actually brought tears to my eyes).   Certainly, this weight was unhealthy but more than that, it was “unnatural”  for me.   Today, I weigh 123.  The scale number reflects a return to a life-style that I have found easy and natural to follow and the scale number...

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Favorite Paleo Book

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FAVORITE PALEO BOOK! I was actually able to get this book from the library. There are a surprising amount of Paleo cook books there. Rarely do I purchase a book but cook books are a different animal.  I gave so many away or sold them when I downsized to move to Italy and so today I own no cook books! Also, there is so much available on the web that it takes a very special book for me to actually decide to own it.  Well, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo is it.  I had a hard time returning it to the library and that was a big sign that I...

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Posted by on 3-03-14 in Blog | 2 comments

So, this latest gem is a real hit! This loaf of bread is made with Almond flour, flax meal, coconut flour, baking soda, salt, Omega 3 eggs, coconut oil, 1 tbs of agave and apple cider vinegar. ALL ORGANIC. The flax meal is very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It’s also a good source of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Cooper, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Thiamin and Manganese; also strongly anti-inflammatory. It’s tasty without any topping and works great for sandwiches, toast, sweet or savory toppings. I use ghee or nut...

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