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Becoming 60

Posted by on 12-12-14 in Blog | 0 comments

On November 30, I completed my 60th year.  I’ve never been much preoccupied by age… going back to 1972 when I graduated high school,  the quote under my Year Book photo was, “Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind it it doesn’t matter”.  Who knew how wise I was back then..certainly not me; certainly not my family! I had a grand celebration on Sunday resplendent with loved ones, good food, assorted spirits, candlelight, scrumptious cake, twinkling lights, fire pit, music and laughter.  It was truly a...

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November Menu Reminder!

Posted by on 11-11-14 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I haven’t been shy about my 60th birthday and so the celebrations have placed a kink in my cooking schedule. Please note that for the remainder of November, the only meal being served is: SUNDAY, 11/16 – Slooooooow Cooked Cashew Chicken w/vegetable side and sweet/savory treat! Our Humble Beginnings will be on hiatus until Thursday, December 4th! I’ll miss you all! and Happy Turkey Day!

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Manifestation to Gestation

Posted by on 9-09-14 in Blog | 0 comments

Almost 9 months to the day, I created a “manifestation wheel” on a special weekend I gave myself down in TRC in May, 2013.  I made 3 wheels that weekend.  One of which is shown here about my ideas, desires around Humble Beginnings.  On May 13, 2013, I completed the wheel and each spoke identified my wishes  — On February 18, 2014, Our Humble Beginnings was born.  Kinda cool ha?  9 months and 5 days later. Not being someone who gets hung up on the details, I think it is kinda miraculous what has transpired.  Now, mind you,...

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Known to Unknown to Known

Posted by on 9-09-14 in Blog | 1 comment

The flight home always seems longer.. I guess it lacks the anticipation for the upcoming holiday and the welcomed change! Yet, often there is much excitement about the return home and so who knows?..bottom line, it felt like it took forever to return to ALB from Boston. I landed at Sunport in the spirit of Gratification and High Hopes. Gratification for a fulfilling, loving, connected trip back East to old stomping grounds, close friends and deep family ties.  What more can a girl ask for?  The High Hopes was for a match-do-con coffee meet-up...

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This week’s faux pas and friends to the rescue!

Posted by on 8-08-14 in Blog | 0 comments

With X amount of meals under my belt and Our Humble Beginnings (OHB) coming up on it’s 6th month anniversary, I think most will agree that having my first real faux pas this past week is not such bad odds. I decided to write about my faux pas because it brought up how somewhere in my upbringing my Mom knew how to teach me to take responsibility and not to be afraid to admit to my failings and imperfections. It’s remarkable how much freedom there is in this. Although, she started with a child who was prone to lying and exaggerating...

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A Glimpse into one of my 9 lives, or thereabouts

Posted by on 7-07-14 in Blog | 0 comments

I drove out to “the mesa” just as dark was making it’s appearance. It seemed life-times since I made this drive and so I knew I needed to rely more on my body’s way than my mind.  My low-riding subaru was tested and confidently handled the ruts and rocks with ease. I was particularly proud of her when I pushed her to climb probably the rockiest hill on this landscape to arrive at my friend, SB’s Enchanting Hill House. SB stayed in town that night and encouraged me to head to the mesa (in the dark) so I could wake...

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No Newsletter, No Blog BUT next week’s menu!

Posted by on 7-07-14 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Heading out of town for a spontaneous trip up North to visit a dear friend and hang out in some old stomping grounds.  So, I’ll have to put my thoughts for a newsletter and blog on hold until I return. Meanwhile, menu for next week is: Sunday, 7/6 – Murgh Makhani (aka Butter Chicken) with Paleo Naan and a green chutney (either mint or cilantro!) Thursday, 7/10 – Lamb Meatballs with Mint Pesto and probably Zucchini Noodles! Thanks all!   Be safe and joyful this...

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Pardon the Pun!

Posted by on 6-06-14 in Blog | 2 comments

A common question that is posed to me these days is, “so, are you still having fun with Humble Beginnings?”  It’s like when you’re in a new relationship and everyone is watching…still going well?  The resounding answer is YES, not only am I still having fun but this venture continues to feed me (pardon the pun!).  Indeed, I do get to eat the food that’s being cooked (I am so lucky, that gal is a really good cook!), but it feeds me in a way no other vocation has. It’s smooth, calm, joyous, void of...

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Spice of Life

Posted by on 6-06-14 in Blog | 0 comments

Since the emergence of Our Humble Beginnings, spices have played a bigger role in my cooking.  The broader I experiment with my dishes, the more extensive my spice collection becomes.  Like many, I purchase those little 2 oz spice jars available at most grocery stores and really don’t think much more about it!  Like how long has that jar been on the shelf? when was it packed? and how long has it been in my cupboard? Until now…. My first exploration into spices was when I attended a lecture hosted by Greenhouse Grocery (the...

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Letting Go

Posted by on 6-06-14 in Blog | 0 comments

Letting go is a place you know With lots of space and rooms to grow And gaps of time where all are mine To do and be my most divine — Natalie Calia, 10.14.86   I wrote that poem a very long time ago and the essence of it’s meaning holds true for me today.  It reflects on “loss” which comes in all shapes, colors and creeds and the gap/chasm that’s left behind.  Loss does not discriminate, as it touches on every single one of us from the moment we exit the safe and serene pouch in our mother’s belly:...

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