Becoming 60

Posted by in Blog on Dec 3, 2014

HS photoOn November 30, I completed my 60th year.  I’ve never been much preoccupied by age… going back to 1972 when I graduated high school,  the quote under my Year Book photo was, “Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind it it doesn’t matter”.  Who knew how wise I was back then..certainly not me; certainly not my family!

I had a grand celebration on Sunday resplendent with loved ones, good food, assorted spirits, candlelight, scrumptious cake, twinkling lights, fire pit, music and laughter.  It was truly a celebration of not just myself but of all those who brought me to who I am today.  Those that were present and those not, those who remain in my life and those not. All relationships touch us and if you are lucky enough to love who you are and where you are then every relationship brought you there: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m digging my 6th decade.  There’s a unique texture to it… it really does “feel” different.  My particular mantra for it is “just say yes!”. There’s a deep knowing, a trust, an enthusiasm, a delight, a freedom, excitement of what’s yet to come.  _MG_1149I’m game and that’s the point. Ideally by now some wisdom has been achieved such that one knows how to ride the valleys and mountains gracefully. There’s no fear as to the ride, it just is.

I can honestly say that I spend most of my time in a state of gratefulness.  Blessed with a cheerful temperament my life, from the outside, “looks” charmed.  Not because I’ve not suffered but because that’s not where I reside.  Like all, my suffering has been deep and profound but my curiosity and enthusiasm to live has the upper hand.  Grateful.

All of a sudden (but not really) it seems easy to know what I want and don’t want; it’s easy to say no; it’s even easier to say yes; it’s easy to be clear; it’s easy to not be manipulated or taken advantage of; it’s easy to forgive; it’s easy to feel fulfilled; it’s easy to be generous; it’s easy to listen and feel empathy; it’s easy to love and be loved;  it’s basically easy to live.

Thank you.


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