The Story Behind Humble Beginnings

IMG_7496Our Humble Beginnings has been a concept that has traveled with me for many years. I first dreamt of the name and associated it to “food” back in the 80s! Yes, the 80s! At that time and up to recently, it was a reality show highlighting the value of peasant food, travel and culture. This specific idea is still percolating today, however, now I feel that Our Humble Beginnings represents a re-birth of sorts into the world of ancestral cooking. How more humble and beginning can one get than the cave-woman! I’d been enjoying the sharing of meals with friends for a while and back on February 18 two friends and I were enjoying a Thai Lamb Curry with a Mango/Bean Sprout Salad and Ginger/Coconut Cauli-Rice. Well, to be blunt, my friends’ mouth’s dropped at the flavors and enjoyment level of the meal. They both looked at me and said “we’ll pay you to cook for us, seriously!!!” This exclamation moved into a discussion about how if I love to cook there are plenty of people who will want my meals. P.S. – they are still in a friendly debate as to whose idea it really was. So, this is how Our Humble Beginnings emerged and after one week of “testing”, this is the present result:IMG_1172

  • each week I send a newsletter detailing the 2 meals being offered (Thursday and Sunday)
  • reserving a meal will be on a first come/first serve basis (web registration form, email or telephone)
  • cost is $20 per meal which includes and entree and side dish (in the past week’s experiment, both clients were able to enjoy leftovers from the serving size) and usually a savory/sweet treat
  • you will pick up your meal at my place bringing your own containers (I recommend 2-3) and if I am not to be home, I will leave your meal bagged (using my containers/to then be returned) on my front porch. Certainly, in the summer months there will be a cooler. I will text you when the meal is ready to be picked up; goal is for pickup between 2:30-5:30p on the respective day
  • on the rare occasion that I can offer to “deliver”, there will be $5.00 surcharge for this service

An example menu from a  past week was:

Thai Lamb Curry with a side Mango, Bean sprout salad Greek Chicken Thighs stuffed with spinach, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives wrapped in proscuitto and a side of caramelized onion cauliflower “couscous” Shrimp Fra Diavolo with a side of Zucchini pasta aglio olio
Not too shabby! or boring! My intent will be to rotate the protein and certainly you may choose to support the meal with your own condiments, side dishes, etc. not having to necessarily follow the no dairy, no sugar, no grain, no legumes path. This Week’s Menu


“Simply Delicious” – RM

“Licked my plate it was so good!” – JS

“I love eating delicious, fresh food prepared in small quantities with love, creativity and impeccable attention to quality.” – JS

“What a joy to know that I will not have to cook 3 days a week and will be purchasing Delicious food, easy to reheat, affordable priced,healthy, and prepared with love…it is like having a personal chef but without the expense !!” – FS

“I’ve been feeling so great since my meal on Sunday. Did you by chance put a little love in that dish? Something tells me you did.” – PF