A Glimpse into one of my 9 lives, or thereabouts

Posted by in Blog on Jul 11, 2014

IMG_0163I drove out to “the mesa” just as dark was making it’s appearance. It seemed life-times since I made this drive and so I knew I needed to rely more on my body’s way than my mind.  My low-riding subaru was tested and confidently handled the ruts and rocks with ease. I was particularly proud of her when I pushed her to climb probably the rockiest hill on this landscape to arrive at my friend, SB’s Enchanting Hill House.

SB stayed in town that night and encouraged me to head to the mesa (in the dark) so I could wake up and enjoy the magic of the morning.  He was right, not that I doubted him.

This property was once my home way back when and the walls of mud include my sweat.  Although still completely off-the-grid (solar/water catch), it is modern compared to it’s earlier expression.  IMG_0170In those days, kerosine lamps provided light, dug out cool boxes for refrigeration, camper stove for food prep all within non-slick adobe walls with recycled windows and doors. Certainly, the current improvements make a difference, but SB always has had an esthetic eye that makes this abode then and now absolutely charming.

Upon arrival, I walked the property inside and out regaining familiarity and reliving a slice of my life.  SB was always a great teacher of mine and my admiration for his industriousness has not waned.  He is a natural of turning nothing into something.  I don’t think he’ll mind me stating that his place is one of my homes. I grew up a lot out there.  I cultivated life skills, learned to slow down, had a bit of a creative explosion and most IMG_1243importantly communed with nature in a way I had never done before or since.

Tapping a bit into the theme of last week’s blog, Pardon the Pun, where I gently nudged the subject around single-minded career paths vs. multiple, diverse paths of which both are equally fulfilling. This weekend experience really locked in my gratefulness of having lived so many different lives and how rich it has made my life experience.  Not always easy but never boring.

I’d like to think there are more to come and that my lives won’t stop at NINE!  That would be a pity!

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